Coaches, service-based entrepreneurs, and savvy creatives, I help you build a compelling personal brand so you become magnetic to high-end clients and grow a successful business.



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Hi there! So glad you’re here!  

I’m Marie-France, personal branding coach for savvy coaches and service-based entrepreneurs like you. 

You’ll learn more about me here. But first let’s talk about you! My guess is you’re here because you know you can help people transform their lives for the better, yet it seems that you’re struggling to have a consistent stream of ideal clients buying your services. You’re simply not visible and chances are your ideal client doesn’t know you exist. Yet.

You have the skills, the experience, the offers but you simply don’t know how to stand out in your market in an ocean of other people doing what you’re doing.

You’re done with chasing clients only to realize you attract the wrong people who are not willing to pay for your services and don’t value your worth. You’re frustrated, and feel people don’t understand who you are, what you stand for and how you can help change their lives.

Well, I’m here to tell you this is your job to do that.

That’s what personal branding is all about.

“You want to grow your profitable business with ease, have a stream of higher-quality clients you’ll love to work with, coming to you effortlessly and consistently without you having to chase them”

All you need is someone to help you gain brand awareness and a proven method to create your unique personal brand. That’s where I come into play, let’s do this!

“As a coach and service-based entrepreneur, you’re the heart and soul of your business therefore you need to build your unique compelling personal brand to have more impact more influence in your field and grow your income.“

Marie-France Samba





“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin


Marie-France has the gift of seizing people’s potential!! She also has the gift of motivating, energizing and encouraging.

My coaching has allowed me to identify my strong points and gifts. I now have a better understanding of my potential and know which elements to use in my communication, offline and online. I’m more confident than ever!

I can’t recommend enough a coaching series with Marie-France to any entrepreneurs who are wondering what they can bring to their customers and to the world. A big thank you to you Marie-France!!!

Stephanie Bobault , Bulles de Joie, www.bullesdejoie.net

Marie-France is an extremely pleasant person to be around. She’s smiley, enthusiastic, ready for a laugh and always very professional. She makes you feel at ease, while at the same time asks pertinent questions that show she’s been listening and observing carefully, linking the sessions together.

Although I would often start off feeling dispirited – like I hadn’t done enough to prepare my session – Marie-France would never let me wallow in self pity. She would steer me gently but firmly back to my concrete steps and goals which meant we were always speaking about actions positively, looking forward.

Marie-France helped me make sense of my long list of desires and brought order and clarity to it by gently nudging me to really question my motives and priorities.

Ollia Orton, radio host/journalist

When I first met Marie-France I found her very positive, supportive and empowering. There was no doubt in my mind she will be my coach and could help me uncover my full potential. As a result of my coaching, I feel more aligned and connected to my emotions and gained the confidence I needed to explore my gifts and passions and consider different possibilities for me to exploit my gifts doing what I love. I would definitely recommend working with her.

Ayn Lever, Kids Create, Founder and CEO

Thanks to her great listening skills and coaching ability, Marie-France quickly identified my potential and helped me uncover my gifts and strengths so I can use them to develop my business and take it to a brand new level. As a result of our work together, I got a roadmap with clear steps to achieve my goals. I can now confidently leave my comfort zone to step into my zone of excellence, where I can use my gifts and talents to empower more women with my work. I can not be more grateful.

Isaüra Tsama, Personal branding Stylist & Speaker, www.thatsintrinsic.com

The moment I connected with Marie-France, I trusted her straight away and knew she was the coach I needed to help me uncover my gifts, unleash my full potential, and give my business the international exposure it needed.

As a result of my coaching with Marie-France, I gained a lot of confidence, I also grew my audience on social media and gained the credibility I was looking for. The beauty of it all is that I let go of something I didn’t expect I could get rid of, that is perfection ! I feel so free now ! I embrace who I am fully with my talents, my passions and my dreams and I know I make a positive contribution to the world using my gifts. You made me proud of myself, this means the world to me !! Thank you so much Marie-France from the bottom of my heart and soul. You rock as a coach! 

Sophie Gomez, Founder and CEO, “Mes belles idées”

My coaching with Marie-France was a real game changer for me. I was finally able to write the book I had in me for years, in less than 10 weeks !. She helped me to dig deep into my strengths, my skills, and my gifts to find my voice and own it. She also supported me, cheered me up and kindly pushed me when I needed it the most. I can not be more grateful for than. As a result, I’m now considered as an expert in my field, I shared my message on international stages and gained more clients because of my book and the confidence I got from writing and publishing it. I’m now writing my second book ! If you think about working with Marie-France, I say go ahead !! 

Suriati Suprani

When I started working with Marie-France, I was doubting myself. Even though I’m passionate about my job as a landscape designer entrepreneur, I felt stuck with fears and blockages on a daily basis, as I knew I could achieve more and be more fulfilled.

The work I have accomplished with Marie-France has helped me gain clarity on my desires, my qualities, and most of all, what I really needed to design my ideal life. This powerful game-changing experience that allowed me to take stock of my life, both professionally and personally. I would highly recommend working with Marie-France to anyone who wants to get unstuck and make progress towards her goals. Thank you Marie France !

Elise Aretz


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