New year, new mindset

How are you all doing in those early days of January? I mean really. Sounds like a basic question yet how we feel will determine our thoughts which will determine our actions. Let’s be honest, to say that last year was a challenging one would be an understatement; Some of us experienced major breakthroughs and managed to thrive though, some planted seeds that will blossom later this year. Some started this year with a bang, but if you didn’t, that’s totally fine, there’s no pressure to be super excited about this new year, have thousands goals and an unshakable faith just now. 

Here’s what you can do to step into that growth mindset :

– Declutter, get rid of things that have hurt you and things that no longer serve you (this phase also include physical, material and social decluttering  

– Assess what was, was is now, assess your beliefs and habits and surround yourself with people who lift you up.

That’s how you create a new environment that will support and nurture a growth mindset. Bring on 2021 !! 

Feel free to read my article in the Mindset issue of the Inspired Coach Magazine.