The world needs people who use their talents more, stand out more and do what they were created to do in this lifetime.

People who dare more, think bigger, take initiative and achieve more.  We sometimes are our worst enemy, we put limitations and tell ourselves stories that only exist in our heads. We keep ourselves warm in our comfort zone while the is waiting for us to share our gifts.

Time to stand out more and use our potential fully to help make the world a better place while serving others.

#1 Use your talents more

Skills versus talents

They are things you know, things you can do because you’ve learnt how to do them. You’ve studied, you’ve got diplomas and got a 1st job and over the years you’ve mastered your skills.

Let’s say you have an accounting diploma, you’ve learnt how to master numbers. This is a skill.  In the corporate world recruiters will look at this particular skill first. They want to know if you’re capable, if you’re skills match the job description.


Your talents are the things you do naturally. No diplomas, no school for this. Those are things you’re good at and do with no efforts. It just flows. You just know how to do those things. If you’re not fully aware of your talents, try to pay attention to what people say about your abilities

“ You’re such a natural …”
“ You’re so good at …”
“ Looks like you’ve been doing this all your life”
“ Have you ever considered being paid for this ?”

Use your talents, don’t just rely on your skills.

Expand, go beyond things you think you can do. Believe you can do the best things in the world using your talents. And you will.

It’s almost like you were standing behind a window with a transparent curtain, the landscape looks great, you can see it, partly. But then when you pull the curtain entirely you discover how beautiful the landscape is, it’s actually even more beautiful than what you think it was. You suddenly have a better view, you perceive how far you can actually go…
That’s what happens when you use your talents more. You can be more and do more.

Success is what you do with your ability
It’s how you use your talent.
George Allen, Sr

#2 Use your intuition

There’s no denying we are intuitive individuals. As women, intuition, or a sixth sense, is something many of us can rely on when it comes to making a decision or venture out of our comfort zone.

Some researchers theorize that intuition is that “gut instinct,” the sensation of “butterflies” in our stomach that tells our brain “this is what you should do, this looks right, go for it ”. 

In the business, as entrepreneurs or in the corporate world, we sometimes dismiss intuitive feelings as “unreliable,” “silly,” or even “witchy.” We don’t trust our intuition because we’ve been socially conditioned not to. I truly believe we should be more receptive to our inner thoughts and let our inner wisdom express itself more.

Listen to your intuition it’s on your side

Learn to trust you gut more.

It knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet

For me there’s a clear link between listening to your intuition and using your talents more.

When we let our intuition do its work, we allow ourselves to use our talents more, be more and dare more.

I just feel it, I can’t articulate it with words, I just feel it

 Sounds familiar ? There you go, that’s what I’m talking about.

      Let your intuition guide you, you are what you’ve been looking for

#3 Let go of guilt start with yourself

Does any of the following ring true to you ?

“I sometimes feel exhausted” ,

“I don’t have time for myself”,

“I run high and low to take care of my family, friends, partner, kids, colleagues,

They all come first I don’t have time left for myself”.

As women we sometimes spend too much time taking care of others and end up exhausted, frustrated, blaming others for the time we think people have rob from us!

You can’t pour from an empty cup, can you ?

I believe you should start by yourself, fill your cup first, and use the over flow to take care of other.

Let go of guilt. It’s about self-care, taking care of you and your needs. Self-care can have different forms, for me it all comes down to filling my cup doing things that excite me, boost my creativity, enhance my general well-being, nourish my soul and ultimately make me feel alive. Taking care of your needs reinforces your self-esteem and self-worth. The more you nurture your self-worth, the more confident you become, the more you’ll want to stand out, speak your voice and share your message with the world.



When you think of safety measure in airplanes, in case of emergency you should put your oxygen mask before you take care of your child or anyone else. Facts

 #4 Let go of overthinking

When you overthink, you basically say to yourself

I’m not good enough, I need to weigh up my options a bit longer,

 maybe I’ll ask for permission and get 3 more opinions from people,

I’ll do additional research and verification, just in case and then I can start”.

 The problem with overthinking is that it blocks your creativity and stops you from taking action, you may end up :

  • Overwhelmed with doubts and fears that only existin your head most of the time.
  • Not knowing which direction to take and where to start.

Do more, fail, do, fail better, succeed

Get into the habit of doing and daring more. As you take initiative more, you collect experiences, wins and fails, but you always learn. Reduce the length of time between the idea and the execution of it, that’s what I call my Ideaction mode . The more you activate it, the more confident you’ll become.

Failure is success if we learn from it
Malcom Forbes

#5 Shine your light unapologetically

Let go of comparing. Know that you are more than enough. Your voice matter, you matter. In and out the workplace or in the entrepreneurial world.

If you have a talent the world needs it !



Empower yourself, find a mantra

Find your favorite mantras, write them down. And read them as often as necessary.
One of my favorite is
“I am whole, worthy and complete”

Find yours and empower yourself !

A mantra or positive affirmation has the power to shift your energy and raise your vibration. If you vibrate higher, you unconsciously attract positive things into your life, your confidence is boosted and people around you perceive it. You also unconsciously allow them to do the same, that’s the beauty of it !! Stand out !

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