1 – Acknowledge your qualities and work on being a better person each day

 We are sometimes harsh on ourselves, aren’t we ? We forget about our assets and what make us the inspiring and beautiful person you are. Let’s get back to that and nurture yoru strong points to become a better person each day.

2 – Know that vulnerability is the new strong

Your imperfections or what you call your weaknesses are also part of you. Acknowledge them as well. Know that beauty is also found in imperfections and your imperfections are also marks of authenticity, people will relate to that.  We’re looking for authentic people not robots, right ?

3 – Shut down the noise around you and listen to your intuition more

 Get into the habit of protecting your energy and don’t let people’s opinions distract you. Know that your intuition is always talking to you for your highest good. It might not always be right but that gut feeling of excitement is worth considering. Trust your guts.

4 – Practice gratitude daily so you attract more of what you already have

 Know that gratitude enhances the law of attraction. The more grateful you are the more miracles you attract in your life.

5 – Raise your vibration

Drop “the could have” “should have” “why didn’t I”  and replace them by a positive mantra. Here’s one of mine “I’m strong and powerful and I grow into the better version of myself each and every day”. Pin it on your vision board and raise your vibration each and every day.

6 – Practice self-compassion

Get into the habit of adding “yet” to statements you make about yourself, “I’m not a good speaker, yet” accept being a beginner. The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.

7 – Stay passionate no matter what

Do things you love, do them will all your heart even if they don’t turn out as planned know that challenges and roadblocks are opportunities for you to grow. Passion is what will help you keep going. Do more of what you love, surround yourself with the things you love and people you love.

Last but not least,

The more you empower yourself the more you’ll attract magic in your life