Hi there, I’m Marie-France

Personal branding and mindset coach, mentor and speaker, passionate about women empowerment, on a mission to help savvy coaches and service-based entrepreneurs like you to create, grow and elevate your personal brand so you become the expert  you know you are in your field, attract your ideal clients consistently and grow a profitable business.

  • You just started as a coach or service-based entrepreneur and you don’t know how or where to find clients.
  • You’re in the business for a couple of years now and you’re not making the money you know you could make for lack of a consistent stream of clients.
  • You know you have the expertise, the knowledge, the offers but don’t how to position yourself in a compelling, impactful way.
  • You’ve created a beautiful website yet your visitors come and go without buying from you
  • You keep on attracting the “wrong people” who can’t afford to pay for the value you bring them and the transformation you help them to achieve.
  • You’re not fully aware of your potential and don’t know how to present yourself authentically so your ideal clients know you exist and easily find you.
  • You show up as a lesser version of yourself versus the best version of yourself.
  • You down play your worth and potential and accept to work with “anybody”.
  • You seem overwhelmed by the competition and struggle to stand out while being authentically you.
  • You gradually become less passionate with your work and settle for less than you know you’re capable of.
  • You feel exhausted working with clients who don’t value your worth and work, try to bargain and force you to lower your prices.
  • As a result, your income remains as low as the impact and influence you have in your field while you could be the expert you know you are.
  • You know you can attract high-quality clients who can afford your services and pay for the transformation and results you help them achieve.
  • You know you can have a big impact and influence on your market and become the go to person in your niche.
  • You have what it takes to stand out, position and present yourself in a powerful impactful way so your ideal clients will gladly recommend you.

The thing is that you need someone to help you leverage your uniqueness to create a compelling personal brand that feels like you and attracts your ideal clients to you.

Welcome, you’re in the right place

Through my coaching programs, I’ve helped my clients create their unique personal brand that allowed them to stand out, grow their influence and impact by:

  • Publishing a book that positioned them as experts
  • Being booked  for public speaking
  • Being interviewed on predominant podcasts and growing their influence
  • Developing new sources of income through fruitful partnerships.

I’ve created the PERSONAL BRAND MASTERY METHOD, a unique blend of coaching using my past experiences in highly creative businesses, ( press, music, advertising agencies) combining my listening, communication, creative skills, with my coaching skills, to help you become fully aware of the unique and powerful person you are, how impactful you can be, and how magnetic you’ll become to your ideal clients so you don’t have to chase them anymore.

It takes some steps that you need to go through to consistently attract your ideal clients you’ll love to work with

  • Have a clear understanding of who you truly are, your strengths, your values, what you believe in and stand for
  • Make sure you have the growth mindset you need to fully unleash your uniqueness, embrace it and reflect it in your personal brand.
  • Unleash outstanding elements in your story  that will appeal to your ideal clients and allow you emotionally connect with them
  • Get clear about who you serve be selective and resist the need to please everyone
  • Get clear about your mission why you do what you do and how you help transform your clients’ lives.
  • Nail and nurture your presence offline and online consistently understand how you present yourself to the world, who and what you want to be known for.

Nice to meet you !

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  • Because I believe having a compelling personal brand is a sure way to become magnetic to your dream clients and build the know, like, and trust factor that will make them buy from you. Without a strong impactful personal brand, you’re simply invisible and can’t make the impact you know you’re her to make.
  • You want to stop spending time chasing prospects and not converting them into clients.
  • You want your bank account to reflect your potential. You know you deserve more but don’t really know how and where to start to stand out in your field and attract high-end clients consistently.
  • You want to , be memorable and stand as the ultimate choice in your future clients’ minds. For this to happen you need to unleash your full potential, acknowledge and embrace who you are, what you stand for, be clear about who you serve and the concrete results you get for them.

As a coach and service-based female entrepreneur, and being the heart and soul of my business,  I’ve always believed showing up, sharing me message, embracing my mission, being present online and offline was  my best business card. I wasn’t fully aware this was partly what developing a personal brand was about.

So from 2016, I started to show up, delivered my message, story and mission on every stages under the sun, crossing boarders and oceans, to let the world know what I was about. I became passionate about helping women own their uniqueness to stand out on their market and positively impact people’s lives.  I started to attract my first clients without chasing them, just by being my authentic self and showing how passionate and committed to my mission I was.

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That’s  why I care so much about helping you building a cohesive personal brand so you make the impact you know you’re here to make, you attract high-end clients who love working with you and gladly recommend you.  You grow your influence, attract fruitful business opportunities and grow a profitable business.  Let’s do this.

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  • Frustrated because you’re not attracting the ideal clients you’d love to work with consistently.
  • Down with fancy trainings promising you overnight success but you’re not seeing concrete results in your business
  • Ready to unleash your uniqueness and leverage set you apart from other professionals in your field
  • Willing to adopt the growth mindset you need to clearly define and embrace what you stand for and reflect it in your personal brand.
  • Eager to reinforce your credibility, and have more influence and become memorable in your future clients’ minds.
  • Ready to take action and put in the work with a coach who will guide and help you to create and upgrade your unique personal brand so you become magnetic to your ideal clients by being YOU authentically.
  • Excited to be able to raise your prices and finally work with high-end clients who are ready to pay for your services, clients who value your work and  gladly recommend you.  So you grow a profitable business and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle you love.






“As an individual, entrepreneur and coach I behave, build and create according to my values. Authenticity is definitely part of them. It’s not just a word I put here, even though it seems clichéd and overused. It’s about self-esteem, self-worth. It’s about being respectful of who I am and what I believe in. To be authentic is at the center of my being. It gives me the freedom to create, to innovate and follow my passions. I do me. I own my uniqueness. That’s what authenticity is to me. A value I never compromise on which I build everything else”.

Marie-France Samba

10 juicy things you’d like to know about me

(who doesn’t like juicy stuff?)

    1. I’m a Parisian, born, raised in the city of lights. I studied and had my first work experiences in this beautiful city. As much as I love Paris ( hard not to), I consider myself as a citizen of the world, because of my family heritage and love for travelling.
    2. I love my name, Marie-France, as it caries my parents dreams and hopes they had when they came to France in the early 70’s, a country they loved so much. I love it when my friends from all over the world say my name with a delicious accent.
    3. I’m an extrovert ENPJ, multi-passionate, and Gemini : I still deal with my multifaceted persona though.
    4. I was nominated for the Global Woman Aspirational Awards in an international women summit in New York
    5. When I’m not coaching you’ll find me in some art gallery, museums, exhibitions where I enjoy great paintings, photography, fashion, design, architecture… anything art has to offer, that’s how I fuel my creativity.
    6. I also have a passion for Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel who beautifully empowered women to be bold, confident and elegant in their clothes.
    7. I’m a huge tennis fan. I attend the French Open, Roland Garros every year and will set my alarm clock in the middle of the night to watch the Australian Open live on TV ( time difference that is !)
    8. I saw Whitney Huston on stage in Paris in her “I want to dance with somebody” years. I still have my ticket from Adele’s first concert in Paris in 2008, the rest is history…
    9. I enjoyed my Sony and Warner music years where I met fabulous artists and developed my artistic skills. My name is also included in the credits on a compilation of Funky music we created at Sony Music, how cool is that?
    10. Working out, singing and dancing are essential to me (did I mention my last name is Samba ? ☺). « Movement is the song of the body » –Vanda Scaravelli


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