Calling all multi-passionate women ready to rock the world with their genius ideas, gifts and passions but still playing small for lack of a clear vision and roadmap to make it happen, Come on in!!

I’m Marie-France, coach and mentor for multi-passionate women like you, with big dreams and aspirations. I’m on a mission to help you uncover your gifts and passions, eradicate self-doubt and limited beliefs, that keep you playing small, turn confusion into clarity and equipped you with a clear roadmap to your dream life.

  • Somebody, somewhere, sometime told you that you’re a dreamer and you can’t have it all.
  • As you grew up, it became clear that you were a multi-passionate soul who wanted to do a 100 different things at the same time!
  • Maybe you feared your parents’ authority or succumbed to society’s standard for a “traditional-safe-job” and forgot about “your crazy ideas” and passions.
  • Maybe you were afraid of your own success and brightness so you started self-sabotaging by playing small.
  • Gave up on your dreams and deep desires to please anyone but yourself.
  • Refrained from using your gifts and talents out of fear that your light would blind people around you.
  • ​You experience a strong resistance to growth for fear of the unknown because you don’t know what could happen if you unleash your full potential.
  • FOMO is creeping on you, so you don’t allow yourself to pause and figure out what your true passions are.
  • You end up being overwhelmed and confused, lost in an ocean of possibilities and options, doing “too much” but not going anywhere for lack of a clear vision and roadmap
  • You’ve got a burning fire in your belly that just won’t go out.
  • You feel deep inside there’s more out there, you can achieve more with all your gifts and passions though you don’t really know what this is.
  • You know for sure that it burns. And you have to do something about it before it consumes you alive – Like, Now !

The thing is that you need someone to grab your hand, equip you with a roadmap and get you from where you are to where you want to be and what you’d like to create using your gifts.

Through my coaching programs, I’ve helped my clients, get clarity about their gifts and passions, gain the confidence they needed to unleash their full potential and equipped them with a plan to achieve great results such as:

  • Publishing a book that positioned them as experts in their field.
  • Conquering the fear of going on stage and being booked for public speaking
  • Developing new sources of income through fruitful partnerships.

I’ve created my unique blend of coaching using my past experiences in highly creative businesses, combining my listening, communication, creative skills, brainstormer and goal-getter junkie with my coaching skills, to help you become fully aware of your potential and craft a vision, so you know exactly which of your passions you’d like to play with and design your ideal life around.

  • Have a clear understanding of who you truly are, your strengths, talents and values.
  • Make sure you have the growth mindset you need to fully unleash your potential, and honour your gifts.
  • Craft a vision around your passions
  • Make a complete inventory of your gifts so you know what you’re really capable of
  • Create a roadmap with clear actionable steps to guide you in the direction that feels right for you.

Nice to meet you !

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  • I know what it feels like to have multiple passions and multiple ideas to explore.
  • I know what it feels like to be stuck because you just don’t know where or how to start.
  • I know what it feels like to jump from one idea to the next without really committing to anything
  • ….and jump to the next idea again and again.

Until this awkward moment when you realize some other girl had the same idea than you, she transformed it into a concrete project and made substantial money out of it ! so you think“Damn, she’s stolen MY idea” !! Only to realize you’re the only one to blame !! She took action and you didn’t ! I was there !

So many ideas unexploited, so many gifts and talents uncovered, so many passions you haven’t dared to explore yet… I know this feeling.

And yet you just know there’s something bigger out there so you tell yourself “Tomorrow, I promise, I’ll start looking for that thing, this time I know it’s for real”… I so hear you !

That’s exactly why I decided to become a coach

To help multi-talented women like you to stop playing small and waste time, uncover their gifts and use them to create their ideal life while making a difference! Learn more about my story here.

Get started right now take the 7-day journey to uncover your gifts and passions.

A 7-day email training series to get clarity now

  • Frustrated because you’re not using your gifts and passions to create your ideal life.
  • Sick and tired of playing small and dimming your light because of people’s opinion.
  • Looking for clarity on how to use your potential and find creative ways to contribute to the world.
  • Ready to adopt the growth mindset you need to finally dare more and stop wasting time.
  • Willing to ban excuses from your vocabulary
  • Ready to take action and put in the work with someone who will guide and empower you to unleash your full potential and reach your goals.






“As an individual, entrepreneur and coach I behave, build and create according to my values. Authenticity is definitely part of them. It’s not just a word I put here, even though it seems clichéd and overused. It’s about self-esteem, self-worth. It’s about being respectful of who I am and what I believe in. To be authentic is at the center of my being. A value I never compromise on which I build everything else”.

Marie-France Samba

10 juicy things you’d like to know about me

(who doesn’t like juicy stuff?)

    1. I’m a Parisian, born, raised in the city of lights. I studied and had my first work experiences in this beautiful city. As much as I love Paris ( hard not to), I consider myself as a citizen of the world, because of my family heritage and love for travelling.
    2. I love my name, Marie-France, as it caries my parents dreams and hopes they had when they came to France in the early 70’s, a country they loved so much. I love it when my friends from all over the world say my name with a delicious accent.
    3. I’m an extrovert ENPJ, multi-passionate, and Gemini : I still deal with my multifaceted persona though.
    4. I was nominated for the Global Woman Aspirational Awards in an international women summit in New York
    5. When I’m not coaching you’ll find me in some art gallery, museums, exhibitions where I enjoy great paintings, photography, fashion, design, architecture… anything art has to offer, that’s how I fuel my creativity.
    6. I also have a passion for Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel who beautifully empowered women to be bold, confident and elegant in their clothes.
    7. I’m a huge tennis fan. I attend the French Open, Roland Garros every year and will set my alarm clock in the middle of the night to watch the Australian Open live on TV ( time difference that is !)
    8. I saw Whitney Huston on stage in Paris in her “I want to dance with somebody” years. I still have my ticket from Adele’s first concert in Paris in 2008, the rest is history…
    9. I enjoyed my Sony and Warner music years where I met fabulous artists and developed my artistic skills. My name is also included in the credits on a compilation of Funky music we created at Sony Music, how cool is that?
    10. Working out, singing and dancing are essential to me (did I mention my last name is Samba ? ☺). « Movement is the song of the body » –Vanda Scaravelli







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