Here’ s to a brand new year. Woot woot !! 2020 was such a challenging year, that it looks like everyone is rushing to make new resolutions thinking “This is it, 2021 will be my best year ever!” Cool, that sounds great!  But let’s face it, most of those resolutions will fell short in a couple of weeks. The truth is that we are so excited to DO things, to achieve more, without taking the time to pause and reflect on the past year. We’ve all been there, right?

So here are 7 questions I always ask myself, and especially in January. I also use them in my coaching practice to help reflect, assess, and make necessary changes if need be.


1.How do I feel?


We don’t always take the time to question how we really feel, do we ? Honestly, without shame or self-judgment, right? We don’t have to be afraid or ashamed of our emotions. Quite the contrary. Knowing how to welcome our emotions allows self-awareness, if you don’t feel that well, you may want to address why this is, and get support if necessary.

  1. What do I really need?

There a difference between what we want and what we really need. Let’s learn how to resist FOMO “fear of missing out” FOMO.

All that glitters is not gold let’s not fall for the “shiny object”


  1. Have my actions been aligned with my values?

Make sure you’ve been true to you. Take time to identify situations where you may have lacked integrity and have the courage to learn from mistakes so you can improve and move forward.

Integrity is choosing our thoughts and actions based on our values rather than personal gains and privileges.


  1. What do I stand for?

Write down what you believe in, things you know for sure. What makes you get up every morning? What fires you up? The world needs passionate people who believe in what they do, who inspire and empower others. You’re definitely be part of them.


  1. Does this belong to me?

You don’t have to take on people’s negative vibes/ stories/ problems, do you ?

5) Does this belong to me? We grow and evolve on our life journey, with stories, beliefs that we forge, stories that are imposed on us, or that we impose on ourselves. Certain beliefs shape us, influence our actions and help us to build ourselves, to grow and  evolve. Are you still so sure of their veracity at this precise moment in your life? at this stage of your career? Beliefs are made to be challenged.


  1. Is this worth my time and energy?

He, she, they… The ambient noise. Situations you’ve been bogged down in. Your energy and your time are precious. You don’t have to take on the negative energies and stories of others, or endure situations that are no longer suitable for you, do you? Protecting our sanity is an absolute must. Let’s focus on what’s important to us and the people who really matter. And let’s not be afraid to eliminate the rest. #sorrynotsorry and stay away from people who drain you.


  1. How can I include more self care in my daily life so I can be more and do more?

Self-care improves your general well-being and encourages you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, so that you can be more and do more. You can’t pour from an empty cup. You can’t give what we don’t give to ourselves, do you?

I hope these few questions have inspired and empowered you to become the person you need to become to achieve the goals you’ve set in this new year 2021. Do not hesitate to leave a comment and to share, someone around you may need to question themselves in order to evolve.

Asking the right questions, questioning our beliefs and evaluating our mindset is undoubtedly a sure way to know if we are not settling for less. than what we are able to BE, TO DO, and to BECOME.