The word « idea » is one of my favorite in the English language. It implies creativity, imagination, adventure, exploration, dreams, transformation, endless possibilities … how beautiful ! You never know. One of your ideas may change your life and people’s lives worldwide. We sometimes tend to neglect our ideas and treat them badly. Leaving them unexploited on a some random paper or a notebook. While the world’s waiting !

Just like plants need to be watered and eggs need to be hatched, your ideas need to be nurtured and taking care of or else they simply die.
Marie-France Samba


We never know when we’ll be inspired, when or where an idea will come to you mind.
Sometimes they just pop in when you least expect them in the middle of the night, in a park, at lunchtime, driving, playing with your child… any random situation of daily life

What I’ve found is that you need to allow your ideas to come. The more you give yourself permission to dream big, without limitations, the more you open the door to new ideas.

Another nice way to find new ideas is simply to brainstorm. If you already have a theme or a topic you’d like to find ideas about, then just put your head to it and write down whatever comes to your mind.


Big, small, crazy, it doesn’t matter. Start by embracing your idea fully as they are. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and ‘kill” your idea before it exists ! give it a chance to grow. Whenever an idea comes up, you need to fight the negative voices that sometimes try to hack your mind. “You’re not good enough” “it will never work !” “what a crazy idea !”. Start by shutting those voice down and be kind to yourself, without judgment, even if you don’t have a plan yet on how the heck you could possibly develop this idea.


“What kind of idea is this ? ” “There you go with your crazy ideas !” “How silly!” “This will never work” Sounds familiar ? Some people around you might want to give their opinion about your ideas, the choice is yours to listen to them or not. How do they know if your idea is going to work or not ? “silly ? how ?”make sure you protect your ideas and avoid to share them with negative people.


Like plants need water and sun, you need to feed your ideas so they can grow and blossom into concrete projects. Here’s a tip. Whenever you have an idea that you’re really excited about, write it down and write an action step that you could take immediately to feed it. You could google it and see what the market says, make a quick survey among your closest friends… take even the smallest action to feed your idea. That’s how you give your idea a chance and start to craft a vision around it.

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Meanwhile, keep creating and stay passionate.