The need to learn and be inspired

That was me a couple of years ago. I developed a passion for women empowerment and how women can join forces, inspire and empower each otter to grow and shine their light. I joined international business groups of amazing, ambitious, talented women and attented conferences, workshops, breakfast, lunch, evening business events. From Paris to London Milan to Amsterdam, Bruxelles, NewYork, Oslo, Stockholm …I never missed an opportunity to be there, The right place at the right time. Always there on time, taking notes, tons of notes. I learnt so much ! Those were exciting years where I’ve travelled a lot and learnt a lot from all those talented successful women, their stories and journey are highly inspiring to me and empowered me to spread my wings, take action and go after my goals.

Too many ideas kills ideas !

At some point I found myself with a ton of notebook filled with brilliant ideas on how I could possibly develop my coaching business, venture outside my comfort zone and explore new exiting territories. I could to this/ or that – how about this / or that – wouldn’t it be fabulous I tried this / or that – I’ll start by this idea / or maybe that one !

Each time I got excited but the thing is that I never took action on my ideas. They remained stuck in my notebooks and those workbooks remained stuck … well, somewhere in my office. I think I’ve lost some of them even. At some point I felt stuck with too many ideas, overwhelmed and drowned in an ocean of possibilities and passions I want to follow. But I had no plan, no vision whatsoever on how on earth I could possibly do “something” with those ideas.

Adopting a growth mindset and crafting a vision

So I decided to get some help and hired a coach who helped me gain clarity and transform my ideas into a vision. I had to fully embrace my ideas, all of them and let go of self-criticism, and self-sabotage. The thing is our first move is often to judge ourselves severely “Who do I think I am to even think about this !” “It already exists” “I’ll nerve make it”. And so we start to compare “She does it better, she’s amazing ! “She’s more talented than I am” “I don’t have enough/ time/energy to do this” : All stories and excuses we make that prevent us to really trust ourselves, unleash our full potential and dare to exploit our ideas. So we give up… until the next new exciting ideas… sounds familiar ?

Coaching, helped me became aware of my potential and really understand what I was capable of, what great things I could achieve if only I allowed myself to take action on my ideas.
The turning point was when I understood that I didn’t need an additional training, another conference, another webinar or full-day workshop… What I needed was to look inside and trust myself more.

All those training were in fact ways to save time and prevent me from taking action. While you learn you don’t take action, right. “I’ll do it later, I’m learning for now”. At some point you realize the learning phase is longer than expected and you feel trapped in it, It became a comfort zone where you learn constantly but where you never apply what you’ve learned.
I became aware of my potential and acknowledged the fact that everything was already there. I had all the ressources within me. All I needed was someone to hold my hand and help me create a plan to transform my learnings and ideas into something tangible. A purposeful project that could have a positive impact in the world.

I think ideas come to us for a reason.
We need to treat them with care and respect.
Marie-France Samba

So I finally embraced my gifts and took action

I took honesty, courage, acceptance. It was a beautiful journey where I learn so much about myself and my potential. A powerful transformational journey where I grew into the passionate coach I am today. My great vision was to help women unleash their full potential, accomplish their mission and share their gifts with the world. I’m glad I did. And still do with the same passion and burning desire to see amazing creative women like you achieve their vision and go rock the world using what they have.
The world’s waiting for you to shine your light and use your ideas to empower other people ! The wide majority of talented women I’m coaching, is not fully aware of their potential, using only a small portion of it. As a result they play safe with what they think they know. Not having a clue on how big their potential is and what fabulous opportunities are waiting for them to be explored.
It takes a full inventory of your past experiences, strengths and skills. It takes a deeper understanding of who you are, what you values are, and how are far you can go with your ideas and how they could possibly change people’s life.


It’s time for you to unleash you full potential and dare to explore your passions and ideas, You never know who you inspire. Your next big idea might have a big impact.
If you’d like to go further and see how you can use your gifts to transform your ideas into reality, just jump on a free 30-mn breakthrough session with me, and get clarity now!

Meanwhile keep creating, and stay passionate.