Avoid this mistake

Rushing to create your logo before defining the key ingredients of your personal brand is a mistake I see a lot of entrepreneurs doing.

POV : Your logo is not your personal brand, it’s the visual part of it

When it comes to building an authentic compelling personal brand that feels like you,  dealing with the visual part of your brand should not be your priority. It’s like the icing on the cake. You have to make the cake first. Therefore designing your logo should not come first, it should come last

Create your cake first



Before dealing with the visual aspect of your personal brand, your logo and your website, aka the cherry on the cake, you want to make sure your cake tastes good, right? so you want to pick the right ingredients.

The same goes with your personal brand, you want to be clear about the ingredients that make it  up:

  • YOURSELF : Embrace your uniqueness so you can infuse it into your personal brand
  • YOUR STORY : Which part of you story your clients are more likely to relate to?
  • YOUR VALUES : What do you stand for?
  • YOUR MISSION : How would you like to contribute and why does it matter to you?
  • YOUR AUDIENCE : Who would you like to help? What do you help them with?
  • YOUR MESSAGE & TON OF VOICE : What do you know for sure and how would you like to say it?
  • YOUR PRESENCE : Where is your audience? Where can you start the conversation with them?

Have fun creating your logo only when you’re clear on the above.

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