Something deeper than the way you look

It’s certainly something deeper than external features, physical attributes, or your title.

It might be a force that guides your decisions, shapes your perceptions and roots you in your truth

(Extract from O magazine – Feb 2018)


Something that has to do with  your core values

One of mine is definitely Freedom.

Freedom of speech, freedom in my thinking, freedom in the decisions I make.

The way I speak, dress or behave. The way I choose to present myself and interact with people or the way I choose to stay away from external influences when it feels overwhelming and disturbs my peace

Freedom of action and movement. Freedom is definitely one of the core values that shape how I live my life and run my business.

Freedom to be me, authentically, to do me and shine my light so others feel also free to shine theirs.

That’s why I care so much about helping you to build a personal brand that feels like you. Don’t you also want to feel free to just be you, do you, authentically, unapologetically, without fearing other people’s judgment?

POV: As coaches, consultants, and creatives, you’re the heart and soul of your business, therefore people look at you before they event consider what you have to offer. They want to have a sense of who you are, what are you made of, and stand for.  So being able to state clearly what defines you is a must.


Define yourself before they do

Also, you don’t want people to define you, right? They may not have the same picture as you, it might be distorted. You don’t want people to have a poor image or impression of you based on what they think is the reality. You have to take charge.  Your job is to shape their perception of you instead of them doing it.

Then we can look at the other ingredients ( your story, your why, your mission, people you want to help….) that are key components of your personal brand, but first I invite you to ask yourself :

what defines me?

Put pen to paper and uncover the essential you.