7-day journey to uncover your gifts anD passsions

A free 7-day email training series to unleash your potential, get clear about your ideas and passions and create a roadmap to make them happen now!

  • Looking for clarity on your gifts, multiple ideas and passions and want to assess your current situation.
  • Done with overthinking and stagnation and going nowhere.
  • Ready to let go of your fears and doubts and adopt a growth mindset to take action on your dreams.
  • Eager to have a better understanding of your potential and how to use it to meet the world’s needs and your own desires.
  • How to tap into your strengths, qualities and past experiences to have a better understanding of what you’re capable of.
  • How to sort out your ideas, multiple passions and interests and make priorities
  • How to use your gifts purposefully and meet the world’s needs as well as your own.
  • To craft a map using your gifts and passions to take action and reach your goals.

Time’s up! No more dimming your light, not using your full potential. I help multi-talented passionate women like you to unleash their gifts and use them to make a positive contribution to the world while creating their ideal life.


For the next 7 days you’ll receive


With directions for daily activities


To help you feel in worksheets in your workbooks


To make consistent progress along this journey


Briohny Williams, Founder at How to present

The “7-day journey to uncover your gifts” challenge came at just the right time for me. When you have multiple interests and passions it can be easy to lose focus. However, Marie-France’s guidance and the activities in the challenge helped me focus on the most important things, and go after them! I would highly recommend for women who want to dream bigger dreams, and discover how to make the most of their talents!

Elise Aretz, Landscape designer and founder at Eclore jardins

I signed up for the 7-day journey as I was doubting myself. Even though I’m passionate about my job as a landscape designer entrepreneur, I felt stuck with fears and blockages on a daily basis, as I knew I could achieve more and be more fulfilled.

The work I have accomplished with the worksheets in this 7-day journey, was very inspiring and helped me to gain clarity on my desires, my qualities, and most of all, what I really needed to design my ideal life. This experience was a powerful breakthrough journey that allowed me to take stock of my life, both professionally and personally. A precious gift to offer yourself  to get unstuck and make progress towards your goals. Thank you Marie France, it really helped me to get to the point.

Hi! I’m Marie-France,

I’ll be your host on this 7-day journey to uncover your gifts and passions.

After a fulfilling career in the music industry, marketing, advertising agencies and press magazines, I’ve developed a passion for women empowerment. Learn more about me here. Over the past 4 the years, I’ve met many talented women who were not fully aware of their potential, playing small, not using their talents, stuck with too many ideas and no plan to make them happen.

So I decided to create this 7-day email experience where you’ll gain clarity about your gifts, rekindle your creativity and gain more confidence to take action and reach your goals!

Let’s do this!