#1 Grow your self-confidence

Let’s first address some myths on self-confidence

Myth # 1: Self-confidence is innate.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Self-confidence, just like other skills, can be learned, built, reinforced.

Like a muscle confidence has to be trained ! by taking action as often as possible. The more you take action, the more you try, the more you get results which in turn builds your confidence.

Myth # 2: Self-confidence is only for beautiful people

Wrong. 1st of all beauty is subjective, we might look fab for some people and not so fab for other ! Self-confidence has nothing to do with physical traits it’s rather a matter of energy, aura, and unshakable trust.   

A please keep in mind : Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear.

Myth # 3: Only confident people can afford to take risks

This is not true either. In fact, the more risks you take, the more confident you become. Even if it doesn’t pay off, you always learn, that’s how you become more confident. The thing is you have to start somewhere. Try something new, challenge yourself, take that first step and see what happens !

#2 Let go of self-bashing

For some people, self-bashing has become the rule. They struggle to exploit their talents unapologetically because of self-criticism that tells them they’re not enough ! they are too harsh on themselves and lack compassion. Be kind to yourself and start reframing. Try to go from “It will never work, I cant’t” to “How can I ?” “What if it works ?”.
It all comes down to asking yourself better questions.

#3 Be responsible for yourself, stop making excuses

“I wasn’t born that way” / “I’m not pretty” / I’m too this I’m too that”
“I don’t have enough of this or that”

Stop making excuses start taking action and make things happen.
Start doing things you’re really good at, commit, set goals, be consistent, practice and excel this will increase your confidence, then you can do other things out of your comfort and you’ll soon realize it will increase your confidence even more, that’s how you become unstoppable !

#4 Let go of comparison

Run your own race ! The time you waste looking at what other people do is less energy, less time and less focus to work on your projects and goals.
Stop comparing yourself with others. If they are good at something, you too are good at something else. Nobody else is you. Nobody will do thing the way you do.

#5 Find your tribe

Find your tribe, surround yourself with inspiring positive people who care about you, support you, inspire you, and lift you up.
You’ll probably realize the only solution might be to run away and never look back.

#6 Learn from your experience fail, fail often, fail better and succeed!

Change your mindset and reframe :
Turn your mistakes into experiences,
Turn problems/ challenges into lessons and opportunities to grow
Ask yourself « where is the lesson ? » « What do I have to learn here ? » « What can I do better next time, how can I improve ? »

Which of these 6 steps are you going to take first ? If you feel like you need some extra help just book your free 30-mn discovery call and let’s see if we’re ta good fit for each other. Find out how we can work together here.

Meanwhile, stay passionate.