Stop being selfish !

It all started with these three words in 2016. At the time I had already developed a passion for women empowerment and attended many business events, conferences, workshops all dedicated to women advancement, to help them shine their light and grow both personally and professionally.

I got invited to attend a woman’s circle in Paris to work on limited beliefs and self-worth, I immediately went for it ! Being in Paris, on a bright sunny day, in June, in a beautiful Parisian loft. Having the opportunity to learn and grow with other talented women, I couldn’t ask for more !!

Women empowerment, women advancement

I immediately felt comfortable in this powerful feminine environment and participated into the activities with great delight, excitement and commitment..  So much so, that people started to compliment me about my ability to empower others. I felt confident, energized, and the response of the group to my energy was beautiful. I loved it!

I was a coach long before I admitted it!

Little did I know the organizer observed me during the all day as well.

By 8pm, after a powerful day, we gathered with a bunch a women to celebrate, enjoy “une coupe de champagne” a glass champagne and relax.

At some point, in a private conversation, the organizer looked me straight in the eyes and went :

“Don’t want to be pushy or rude, Marie-France, but you have to stop being selfish !”

At first I was puzzled and gently asked in a smile “What do you mean ?”. Retrospectively, when I think about it today, I knew the answer to that question before she gave it to me :

“Listen, you’re a coach, an amazing one, you have to use your gifts to help other women find theirs as well ! you’ve been given those gifts for a reason !”

Wow !!! At first I thought, me a coach ? there are so many coaches out there, what can I bring to the table ? but then I realized I use to coach my colleagues when I was working in marketing agencies or at ELLE magazine 10 years before. I would empower them to believe in themselves and trust in their ability to complete a task, or do a presentation, or ask for a salary increase. I also empowered aspiring women entrepreneurs to trust their gut, uncover their gifts and do what they were created to do.

Little did I know, I was actually building and growing my personal brand without realizing it.

When you listen to your calling

At some point you just have to listen to your calling. So I did. My journey as a coach began, I started to help other coaches and service-based female entrepreneurs  to uncover their gifts, unleash their full potential and help them grow their personal brand and make a positive contribution to the world, while living their ideal life.

Then I got my professional qualification as a coach at the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy which is certified by the International Coaching Federation, to sharpen my coaching skills and understand who I was here to serve and how. I also hired a coach – one of my best decisions ever –  to gain self-awareness about y own personal brand and maximize my full potential so I can grow a thriving coaching business.

Today I happy to serve my clients worldwide from the comfort of my home and I’m also grateful to travel the world to do public speaking and share my core message :

“As coaches and service-based female entrepreneurs you you need to build, grow and elevate your personal brand to  make the impact you know you’re to makeand grow a profitable business”.

From Paris to London, Amsterdam to Milan, Brussels to Stockholm, Oslo to New York, I connect with hundreds of women and learn so much about their needs, challenges and dreams. I’m grateful and honored to have helped my clients build a cohesive personal brand and achieve amazing results in their business. And you could be next.


On air in Paris

Empowering men and women in London


London. This is how excited I can get when speaking on stage!

It sometimes takes someone to help you realize how much you can create and how amazing you are. So there you go ! you have the all story. You know why I’m so passionate about helping women grow their personal brand. That’s how it all started for me. Developing my personal brand definitely helped me grow my coaching business and helped my clients make a difference in developing theirs.

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